Red Rocks Community College Offers Continuing Education Credit for the CoDEO Conference

If you are interested in attending the CoDEO conference and earning credit, here is your chance. Red Rocks will be offering two options. If you attend for both days you are eligible for 1 continuing education credit. If you attend for one day you are eligible for .5 credit of continuing education.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Attending this conference will help educators understand the "big picture" of dance in Colorado, further their own understanding of a variety of pedagogical topics, and identify a network of colleagues that can help with support and resources throughout the upcoming year. Events will include student and professional company showcases, panel discussions,  a wide selection of workshops-both inside and outside of the studio, group movement sessions, performance opportunities and networking opportunities.    



In order to receive a Passing grade, the participant must:

        1. Attend all conference sessions.

        2. Actively engage in discussions and activities during these sessions.

        3. Complete and turn in the Session Feedback forms for each sessions attended.



Grade Distribution:

        Conference Attendance 10%

        Participation 10%

        Session Feedback Forms 80%

        Total 100%

        Grading is Pass/Fail


The process to receive this credit is ease. Below is the information you will need to get you started.


Step One: Go to the Red Rocks Community College Web-Site and register for admission. The web-site is Go under the student tab and click on admissions. Call for help if you need it. (303-914-6350) *Note: It will take about 2-3 days for the admissions office to have you fully enrolled, so please plan accordingly.


Step Two: Once you have registered as a student through Red Rocks, you can register for your class. Note: It is important to be registered no later than Friday, September 19th (the day prior to the conference.

  • The 1 credit class is titled CoDEO Conference Fall 2014 (DAN 275, section 551, CRN: 23245).

  • The .5 credit class is titled CoDEO Conference Fall 2014 (DAN 275 section 552, CRN:  23247).


Step Three: Once you have successfully registered for the course, you will receive a syllabus.


The coordinating Red Rocks Faculty Member is Danielle Heller, M.Ed, Dance Program Coordinator. Please feel free to contact her with questions. Danielle Heller: 303.518.2974