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Since June 2014 dance educators in Colorado have had the option to obtain an additional dance endorsement to existing certification by submitting documented evidence of 24 semester credit hours from college level coursework, a degree in dance, or approved programing from an accredited institution only. 


To find out about the process and requirements to obtain an endorsement in dance, visit the CDE Educator Licensing Office site and/or view the added dance endorsement worksheet


The benefits of a dance endorsement to the dance education community are many.  Dance educators may now be endorsed in their content area, instead of creatively trying to fit into other areas in which dance may only partially fit, such as Theatre or PE.  Dance truly has a defined place among the 13 content areas in our state. 

Dance educators teaching in the public school system are now truly aligned with Colorado Content Standards in Dance, curricular units, assessments, Educator Effectiveness rubrics and Gifted and Talented Identification criteria. 


The inclusion of the dance endorsement has certainly put the art of dance and dance education on the map and brought the teaching of dance into the 21st century!

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